First Timers

3 easy steps

1. Quick Setup

Select “START 7 DAY FREE TRIAL” then complete online signup to book your first class. No strings attached and we won’t be asking for your credit card details.

Checkout the 2 short welcome videos.


2. What To Bring

A drink bottle, a sweat towel, workout gear & comfy kicks.

We’ll supply clean boxing gloves during your 7 day trial, or BYO lucky pair if you prefer. Our gloves are cleaned regularly, but feel free to bring you own hand wraps or inners.


3. At The Gym

Arrive 15 mins early for check-in & a chat with one of our instructors. Be sure to mention any injuries. No matter your fitness level or experience, our smart systems & instructors will manage your entire journey, and there’s lots of assistance in the Help section of the app. It might take a few sessions to find your feet, but once you get the hang of it you won’t look back!