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Gym Smart with the Sickest Tech in the Game

When we say “Gym Smart” we mean it because we have the sickest tech in the game! Use our easy Fitbeat App for bookings, invites, workout settings, tracking & nutrition. Our Smart PT designs personalised workouts for you, while our instructors focus on your form and technique. Our systems manage your complete training experience with biometric check-in, personalised screens and live analytics. AI and machine learning form part of the mix for constant improvement.

Sound complicated? Well it isn’t, we’ve made everything super-easy for you. Our tech-heads do all the heavy lifting in the cloud so that you can do the heavy lifting in the gym. And our Science & Athletics Team designs, reviews and tests every workout to ensure that you get the best results.

Get ready to lose yourself in a sound, lighting and energy experience that will push you through the most exhilarating workouts imaginable.