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Why Fitbeat?

Why Fitbeat?

You love group training, but let’s face it, you never get the results you want because the workouts are not tailor-made for you. Now imagine a gym so smart that it could provide you with personalised workouts in group training classes. Impossible? … think again.

The Personalised Difference

Fitbeat has reinvented and personalised group training. It all starts with your long term fitness goal. Then our smart systems kick in and personalise your entire journey, from workouts to nutrition to stats.

Science & Results

Whether you want to get bigger, leaner, fitter, or something in between, we have the science and the tech to get you there. It’s like having 24/7 access to your own personal trainer & dietician.

The Gym Experience

No matter your fitness level, our friendly instructors will guide and correct you, while our amazing tech will manage your entire journey. Get ready for 28 or 48 minutes of kickass sound, lighting and energy across a circuit of 20 dynamic training zones.

It’s an outer body experience, and we can’t wait to get you started!